Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mom's Viz...

My mom was in town this past week. We had decided to go to a concert in the area. So she took a couple of days off to travel to Wisconsin to see Ben Folds in concert. The amazing thing about my mom is that she is always absolutely willing to do whatever it is that I am into at the very moment. She is willing to turn a blind eye towards her normal conduct, and join in whatever it is that interests me.

I have always appreciated this about my mom.

Of course, on this occasion - the thing I am into is bread. My mom gave me the excuse to make both a loaf of water-proofed bread and Bishop's Pizza. Quite the day. (This is the kind of day off that my dad would be proud of.) I took the day off of work, and we both slept in. When we woke up and had our requisite cups of coffee, we made our plan and went to it.

The plan: Make the pizza dough and set aside to allow to rise, make the dough for water-proofing, allow dough to proof while getting ready to go, put dough in pan to rise a second time, while it is rising run to the cheese pantry (yes, it's Wisconsin) and the grocery to make sure we have the correct toppings for pizza, come home and bake bread, use bread for lunch, and hang out until it is time for pizza. We did a whole lot of nothing that day, but we were also very productive.

Aside from how much fun the day was, I was amazed at my mom's willingness to stray from dietary caution and eat bread and pizza by the fistful. It struck me that as much as we need motivation to start something like a hobby or art, we need motivation to keep doing the same thing.

My mom may not always be the reason for me to start something - but she has always encouraged me to keep doing whatever it is that I have been motivated to try.

I hope she never stops.

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  1. Your mom likes your post (except for the characterization as "eating bread and pizza by the fistful), and encourages you to keep writing!